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Early Prevention and Testing for Disease Risk Factors

Disease Prevention Program

The Disease Prevention Program Also Includes preventing diseases that can be caused by the water you drink, the food you eat, and the air you breathe

The Disease Prevention Program is designed to reduce your risk of developing certain diseases that can be debilitating or fatal.

Genetic Tests now approved by the FDA

A new ruling by the FDA... consumers can now by pass doctors for the first time to learn if they have a genetic risk for 10 diseases.
The Disease Prevention Program provides testing for early risk factors of diseases with a simple siliva test or a saliva and hair test… CancerCardio VascularDementia, Unbalanced HormonesAllergies and Food Intolerance, Heart Attack, PSA Test for Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer Detection Test and many more.

If your test results indicate high risk factors for certain diseases... There are natural supplements available to lower your risk factors.
The test results can give you more information to make decisions about your health, allowing you to take steps to lower your chances of developing a disease.

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