The Air you Breathe

Away From Home Pure Air Personal Protects You Wherever You Go

 Indoor Pollution Can Cause: 

Whole-House Air Purifier
RGF's Guardian Air is a whole-house air purifier, micro-organisms can be reduced by over 99%

Airborne Germs, Allergens and Pollution Can Cause Respiratory Infections & Diseases

The Healthy Air Mask
Contains filters that block out allergens & air pollution Helps Protect You from Respiratory Infections and Diseases Coughing and sneezing can cause the spread of germs and viruses that can lead to respiratory infections and diseases.

Allergies                             Fatigue 

Asthma                               Headaches

Sinusitis                             Skin Rashes

Bronchitis                          Memory Loss

Hay Fever                           Pneumonia

Good News

Pure Air Motion Car Air Purifier is a compact air purification solution that eliminates odors in your vehicle including cigarette smoke, airborne allergens, offensive odors and bacteria & viruses. Conveniently fits in your cup holder. Motion uses an effective cluster ion technology to remove particulates and odors.
Pure Air Motion keeps the air surfaces fresh and clean in your vehicles.
Pure Air Motion uses ozone-free cluster ion technology to break down and remove smoke, odors and particulates, including VOC's and chemicals from your breathing space.
You get fresh, clean-smelling air and surfaces inside your vehicle without the use of any harmful chemicals. 

The Healthy Air Mask

$20.00 (6.00 shipping)

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Pure Air Personal Air Purifier

The Healthy Choice

Pure Air Personal propels cleaner, fresher air into your breathing zone with its solid platinum permanent emitter. The emitter produces ions, which repel odors, bacteria, allergens, viruses and other harmful particulates from the air you intake. 

Pure Air Motion Car Air Purifier

Indoor Pollution

"An Expensive Epidemic"- Millions of Americans will Become Sick from Indoor Pollution

Diesel powered engines are used in construction, maritime, mining and agriculture. Diesel exhaust containing particulate matter is considered carcinogenic. Exposure can result in dizziness, headaches,

and eye, nose and throat irritation. Inhalation of diesel fumes can increase the risk of cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and respiratory disease and lung cancer.

The most effective and easy way to avoid breathing air borne allergens and toxic air pollutants that can be dangerous to your health. Pure Air Personal Air Purifier provides cleaner, fresher air into your breathing zone with its solid platinum emitter.
The emitter produces ions, which repel odors, bacteria, allergens, viruses and other harmful particulates from the air you intake.
Dozens of peer-reviewed, published papers have confirmed Pure Air Personal Air Purifier as the leader in personal purification technology.

Designed for Comfort Ultra-light, miniature and wearable, which is worn around the neck... to remove harmful particulates from the air you breathe. The result is a “zone” of fresh clean air. Purifies a 3 foot space around your head to allow you to breathe air cleaned of contaminants.   Engineered for Protection Pure Air Personal Air Purifier is 3 times more powerful than other personal purifiers – and there’s no annoying fan or blower! It is also ozone free

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Pure Air Motion
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My Well Care center

Early Prevention and Testing for Disease Risk Factors

Viruses                                             COPD complications                    Odors

Allergies                                           Pollen                                             Air pollution          

Bacteria                                            Pet dander                                     Mold spores

Air-borne Diseases                          Cigarette smoke                           Bird flu

Respiratory Infections                      Dust                                              Diesel engine exhaust

Pure Air

Personal Air Purifier

$139.00 ($6.00 shipping)

RGF Guardian
$539.00 ($6.00 shipping)

Flu-Like Symptoms           Lung Cancer

Respiratory Problems       Irritability

Eye, Ear, Nose and            Depression

Throat Problems                Heart Problems

Tuberculosis                       Hypertension​

The Healthy Air Mask Provides protection from:

  • Air Travel  
  • Public Transportation 
  • Movie Theaters 
  • Waiting Rooms 
  • Schools 
  • Public Transportation 
  • Hospitals 
  • Offices 
  • Any confined spaces