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Early Prevention and Testing for Disease Risk Factors

Apples                           Celery                             Cherry tomatoes 

Cucumbers                    Grapes                           Hot peppers

Nectarines                     Peaches                         Potatoes 

Spinach                         Strawberries                   Sweet bell peppers 

Kale                               Collard greens               Summer squash  

These pesticides, when consumed, can accumulate in the fatty tissues of the body causing long term problems with cancer, nervous system impairment, infertility, memory loss, estrogen imbalance in women and poor immune system function.
Children are at risk for neurotoxic effects, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and reduced memory function.
Meat, poultry and fish have surface contaminants such as oxidized oils, bacteria and in some cases, feces.

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The Good News
Now you can protect yourself from the dangers of pesticides and other contaminants on your fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry. Fresh N' Clean the all-natural cleaning solution for the removal of pesticides and other contaminates from your food. 

An 8 oz. concentrate will make 16-16 oz. bottles of Fresh N' Clean. 
Just mix a 1/2 of concentrate to 16 oz. of water in a spray bottle.  

Fresh N' Clean

​$35.00 ($6.00 shipping)

 You can protect yourself from the dangers of pesticides and toxic contaminated fruits, vegetables, meats and poultry.

The food you eat may contain pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, mold, harmful chemicals and dirt.
There over 600 pesticides in use today, many which are known carcinogens, neurotoxins endocrine disruptors andreproductive toxins that can be used legally on fruits and vegetables.
The Environmental Working Groups (EWG’S) identified the following  15 fruits and vegetables having the highest pesticide load: 

The Food You Eat

May be contaminated with Pesticides